7th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2013 (7th SASTech)

Computer Engineering & Computer Science

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1- A Comparative Study of Customer Relationship Management Systems in the Market of Iran Mehran Dasgar; FarnoushReshadi
2- A comparison between self-similarity of network traffics for different protocols M. M. Mirzaei, K. Mizanian, M. Rezaeian
3- A comprehensive image ofWeb-based Learning Sedighesadat Meghdari
4- A DNA Approach in Mining and Ranking the Classification Rules Ramin Maazallahi, Aliakbar Niknafs
5- A Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification System for classification of protein structural classes Farzaneh M. Parizi1, Eghbal G.
6- A model based on Bayesian Network for prediction of IVF Success Rate Samar Ashrafi Kakhki, Behnam Malekara, Saeed Rahati Quchani, Nayereh Khadem
7- A New Approach for Modeling Vehicle Safety Based on Cooperative Awareness in Emergency Scenarios Seyed Mohammad Hosseini; Saleh Yousefi
8- A path protection method using congestion control in IP/MPLS networks as an underlying network in Smart Grids B. Mobasheri, M.H. Yaghmaee Moghadam
9- A Scheduling Algorithm for Interactive IPTV over WiMAX Nazanin Donyapour; Saleh
10- Adaptive Rate Allocationfor Unequal Budget Images Transmissionover Time-Varying BSC Channels Ahmad Hatam, Ali M. Doost-Hoseini
11- An algorithm for noisy Blind Source Separation with nonlinear autocorrelation and noise reduction using wavelet Mohammad-Reza Motevalli; Mozaffari Tazehkand
12- An Approach for Displaying the Relations among Main Elements of Object-Oriented Programs Kayvan Kaseb; Mohammad Sayedi
14- Analysis The child nodes dependence coefficient to parent node in tree structure services Mostafa Borouomand zadeh; Sayed Mohsen Hashemi
15- Application of neural networks in normal frequency computing of gauged arch shape Afsaneh Banitalebi Dehkordi; Kaveh Kumarci
16- Assessment of New Languages of Multicore Processors Mahmoud Parmouzeh; AbdolNaser Dorgalaleh; Ebrahim Rezapoor
17- Automatic Generation of Attack Signatures for implementing a new Plugin to Honeyd Motahareh Dehghan; Babak Sadeghiyan
18- The Role of Middle Cities in Regional Sustainable Development Case study: Iranshahr ZohreHadiani1; VahidRahimi
19- Understanding Smart Growth savings SanazSaeidiMofrad; Tara jamalishahni
20- Urban Planning Methods in Decreasing Damages of Earthquakes in Distressed Area of the Cities E. Mafi; M. Davarinezhad; M. R. Mabhoot
21- Wind catcher technology (Past and Present) Fereshteh Pashaeikamali; Mitra Honarjo; Mina sarvari
22- Developing Arabic Event Extraction SystemUsing Rule Based Method Razieh Baradaran; Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli
23- Dimensionality reduction and improving the performance of automatic modulation classification using genetic programming Karim Hessampour; AliMohammad Latif; Mohammad Ghasemzadeh
24- Estimation of Software Complexity within an Optimized Time Period Using a Multi Agent System Mina Attarha,Hamid Reza Naji,Mohammad Malakooti
25- Gene Express Programming in optimum shape of concrete ogee arch under earthquake loads Kaveh Kumarci1, Afsaneh Banitalebi Dehkordi
26- How to Design Effective Multimedia Presentations Zahra Hosseini; Anand Kamal
27- Impact of Dimensionality Reduction On Outlier Detection Techniques M. M. Tavakoli, Ashkan Sami
28- Intrusion Detection System based on Support Vector Machine and BN-KDD Data Set Razieh Baradaran; Mahdieh HajiMohammadHosseini
29- Learning Algorithm for Training CMAC by Using Reinforcement Learning and Comparative Discount Rate Nazal Modhej; Jamil Neisi
30- Lighting techniques in machine vision Masoud yadollahi; Houbakht Attaran; Mohsen Davachi; Sima Vosoughi asl
31- Mapping fuzzy formal model (FPN) to fuzzy extended markup language (FXML) (FPNML) Zahra Masoudi Nejhad; Ali Harounabadi; Mohammad Teshnehlab
32- Maximizing the Robustness of Wireless Sensor Networks with Optimal Sink Designation Ali Mohammadzadeh; Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali; Saleh Yousefi
33- Noise Reduction and Kidney Ultrasound Image Enhancement Based on Multi-Scale Transform and Curvelet Transform Mohammad Khodaee, Ahmad Hatam
34- Particle Swarm Optimization In Solving Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem M. M. Tavakoli
35- Prediction of Future Computers Using State of the Art Developing Technologies FatemehShekarAra; YaserRahimi
36- Presenting a multicast routing protocol for enhanced efficiency in mobile ad-hoc networks Mehdi Jalili; Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali
37- Presenting Metrics for Evaluation of Expert Systems Based on Service-Oriented Architecture Ali Nayebpour; Hassan Rashidi
38- Proposing a Method for Measuring the confidentiality of Enterprise Architecture Based On COBIT Marzieh Moheb; Seyed Raouf Khayami
39- Study of long-term Trend in Dust Distribution over Persian Gulf: Satellite Imagery Application and Weather Charts interpretation M.Dadizadeh, H.Malakooti , A.Gheiby, Z.Alizadeh
40- The Effect of Semantic Constraints on Ontology Alignments using Neural Network Fatemeh Fakhar
41- Utilizing Public Transportation System as a Delay Tolerant Network Sh. Sharifi; S. Yousefi; J. Bagherzadeh