7th Symposium on Advances in Science and Technology 2013 (7th SASTech)

Civil Engineering & Geoinformation Technology

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1- A Logistic Regression Method for Urban growth modeling Case Study: Sanandaj City in IRAN Sassan Mohammady Sassan Mohammady
2- A Project Report On Exploration on the rocks Khosro Shahpouri Arani; Ahmad Avazeh
3- A Study on the Bearing Capacity Alteration of Shallow Foundation Resting on nzali Sand after Applied Cyclic Loading Ali Ghorbani; Mehdi Veiskarami; Naser Hamidzadeh; AfsharNemati Mersa
4- A study on the capacity of ductility and energy dissipation of Special Moment Resisting Frames (SMRFs) Ashkan Shakeri; Saeid Pourzeynali
5- A Study on the Effect of Flow Rule on the Bearing Capacity of Strip Foundations by Method of Stress Characteristics Fatemeh Valikhah; Mehdi Veiskarami
6- A Study on the Effects of CNT’s on Hot Mix Asphalt Marshal-Parameters M. Faramarzi; M. Arabani; A. K. Haghi; V. Motaghitalab
7- Accurate Survay Effect of Jointing On Bearing Capacity for Rock Foundation (A Case Study of Safa Dam in Kerman Province, Iran) Ahmad Fahimifar; Masoud Ahmadvand; Hamed Ghadami; Arvin Abdolmaleki
8- An Elasto-Plastic Model for Analysis of Underwater Tunnels, Excavated in a Strain-Softening Hoek-Brown Rock Mass Ahmad Fahimifar; Hamed Ghadami; Masoud Ahmadvand; Arvin Abdolmaleki
9- An overview of Spatial-Spectral Unmixing in Satellite Imagery Fakhereh Alidoost; M. Reza Mobasheri
10- Analytical Solution of Kinematic Response of Batter Pile under P and SV Waves Earthquake M. Ghazavi; P. Ravanshenas
11- Application of Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS for Estimating the Runoff of Sikhuran Watershed Ahmad.Nohegar; Marzie.Bodaghi; Alireza Kamali; Nasim Ghashghaee; Saeede Ghaemi
12- CFD Analysis for 2D-Micro fin Array with Carbon Nanotube Structured Surfaces for Cooling Applications Sajad Nabizadeh; Tahere Fanaei sheikh el eslami; Amin Behzad mehr
13- Comparison between PLAXIS Output and Neural Network in the Guard Walls Ali Mahbod; Abdolghafar Ghorbani Pour; Abdollah Tabaroei; Sina Mokhtar
14- Comparison of different methods for evaluating the liquefaction potential of sandy soils in Bandar Abbas M. Mosaffa; M. Rafiee
15- Complexity of the Ground Conditions and Non Compliance with Basic Assumptions in the Trench Stability Analysis: A Case Study in Iran A.Eftekhari; M.Taromi; M.Saeidi
16- Conclusion Evaluating Methods for 3D CFD Models in Sediment Transport Computations Hamid Reza Madihi; Bagher Keshtgar; Sina Hosseini Fard
17- Different Method to find Optimum Training Data in Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for Urban Growth Modeling Case Study: Sanandaj City in IRAN Sassan Mohammady
18- Disposalmethods ofvibrationsin SurroundingEngineering structures H. Kalantarian; B.Reihani; B.Kalantari
19- Drought and its effect on vegetation, comparison of NDVI for drought and non-drought years related to Land use classifications S. Jabbari; S. J Khajeddin; R. Jafari; S. Soltani; F. Riahi
20- Effect of bed roughness on flow dynamics at Open Channel Confluences P. Yavari; A.A. Akhtari
21- Effect of tire-chips on geotechnical properties of clayey soil M. Asadzadeh; A. Ersizad
22- Estimate of Seismic Displacement of the Hump-Back Block Type Gravity Quay Wall Feyzallah Nikzad; Asskar Janalizadeh; Hamidreza Tavakoli
23- Estimation of Creep Deformations in Circular Tunnels Considering Elasto-Plastic Behavior Ahmad Fahimifar; Mohammad Ghasemi; Mojtaba Karami; Sayed Mostafa Norooz Zadeh
24- Evaluate the permeability Damsite Jamishan with Emphasis on engineering geology Vajiha Habibi; Rassoul Ajalloeian
25- Evaluation of Biogrouting Method in Sandy Soil improvement in Column Injection Experiments A.R. Sotoudehfar; E. Mokhtari; M.M. Sadeghi; F. Shafiei; M. Abtahi
26- Evaluation of liquefaction potential based on SPT and CPT data in the Bandar-Abbas city Mohammad Naderi Pour
27- Evaluation Rock Mass Deformation Modulus based on Fuzzy Logic Sina Shaffiee Haghshenas; Mostafa Yousefi Rad; Sami Shaffiee Haghshenas; Pooria jalilvand
28- Evaluation the influence of aerator ramp on reducing the cavitation risks in Shafaroud, Azad and Gotvand dams Zahra Parhizkar; Amir Khosrojerdi
29- Experimental Investigation of Nano Zinc Oxide Effect on Creep Compliance of Hot Mix Asphalt M. Arabani; V. Shakeri; M. Sadeghnejad; S. M. Mirabdolazimi
30- Finite volume modelings of flow in T-junction open channels M. Farzin; E. Alamatian; R. Amini
31- Geographical Information System in Geotechnical Mohammad Reza Torabi, Mohammad Reza Kahourizadeh
32- Investigation Depth of Buried Pipeline on Stress E.Alamatian; M.Ghadamkhyr; B.Karimpour; M.Hadian
33- Laboratory investigation on the Effects of Coconut Fibres on Bearing Capacity Of SM Reinforced Soil S.Soleimani
34- Modeling and Analysis of Risk Factors on Soil Anchoring Abdolah Tabaroei; Abdolghafar Ghorbani Pour; Ali Mahbod; Sina Mokhtar
35- Numerical Simulation of Contamination Distribution in Bushehr Bay Hamid RezaMadihi; BagherKeshtgar; SinaHosseiniFard
36- Numerical Study on Effect of Barriers on Vibrations Induced by Construction Activities R Rahbar Rastegar; E Khaksar Najafi; A Benkarand
37- Optimize the Placement of Nails in Soil Nailing By Three Dimensional Numerical Modeling Abdolah Tabaroei; Mahmoud Ghazavi
38- Performance evaluation of microbial carbonate precipitation method compared with resin and fiber stabilization on the strength of compacted sandy soils Amirrez Modaresnia; Mahmoud Ghazavi; Esmaiel Masoumi
39- Prediction of chloride penetration in the concrete containing magnetite aggregates by using Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) alihe Jafari; Masoomeh Mirrashid; Alireza vahidnia
40- Hydrothermal Alteration in Ramand Region S. A. Ezzati; S. R. Mehrnia; K. S. Ajayebi
41- Residence Site Selection According to Combination of PSO Algorithm & Linear Regression Case Study: Sanandaj City in IRAN Sassan Mohammady; Soran Parang
42- Stability Assessment of Concrete Gravity Dams Using Fracture Mechanics Criteria; Case Study Zavin Dam Keivan Bina; Mohammad R. Akhavan Abdollahiyan
43- Stabilization of rock slops using geosynthetic materials as new approch and its comparison with conventional methods Gholam Moradi; Arvin Abdolmaleki; Masoud Ahmadvand; Hamed Ghadami
44- Strength evaluations for treated peat with cement and polypropylene fibres using CBR tests Kalantari; A. Prasad
45- Study on Seismic Waves’ Speed Changes under Different Conditions and Determination of Soil Parameters by Using Them B. Kalantari; R. Nezhadpoor
46- studying of the prying action effect in steel connection Saeed Faraji
47- The investigation on the effect of the aggregate type in the modulus of elasticity and tensile strength in high strength concrete Morteza Hassannejad; Javad Berenjian; Mohamad javadTaheri Amiri
48- The Investigation of Negative Effects of Salt Dome on the Quality of Water in the Gotvand Olya Dam and the use of Cut-off Wall as Treatment Mahmood Mansournejad; Behzad Kalantari; Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli
49- The phenomenon of liquefaction in the foundation of the Persian Gulf dams using numerical modeling H. Khademi; V. Tayari
50- The polymeric Property in stabilization of the clay soils Mohammad reza Hassan pour
51- The risk ranking of drinkable water sources of sarkhun plain aquifer villages (case study: Sarkhun village- Ghal'e Ghazi district of Bandar abbas) Ahmad Nohe gar; Fatemeh Riahi; Hasan Vagharfard; Majid Kholghy; Sadegh Riahi; Somayyeh Jabbari
52- The Strength Characteristics of Silty Soil Stabilized Using Nano-Clay Mohammad Nikookar; Meisam Bahari; Hares Nikookar; Mahyar Arabani
53- Unconfined Compressive Strength of Lime-Stabilized Peat Mohammad Nikookar; Hares Nikookar; Mahyar Arabani
54- Using Concrete Caissons as a Foundation for Double- Circuit 230 KV Transmission Line, Qeshm Island, Iran Abdolhamid Kamali; Majid Simrakh
55- Various types of Portland cement concrete used in pavement and dam constructions Behzad Kalantari